MWC vs IsItYou's Face Recognition

As you read this blog post, IsItYou is proud to be presenting at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, alongside some of the most exciting and innovative tech companies in the world.

Every year, MWC draws a huge crowd of entrepreneurs and scientists, members of the press and business people, with the 2016 attendance rated at over 100,000 visitors, according to GSMA (

To put that number in perspective with IsItYou’s technology, statistically speaking, if every single person attending the conference were to try to fool our revolutionary anti-spoofing biometric analytics engine, nobody would succeed. With a false acceptance rate of less than .001%.

IsItYou could take on all of MWC - and emerge victorious.

If you’re attending MWC and want to learn more, come say hello at Hall 5 Stand 5F81.

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