Using your face as your password is a compelling way to keep your data, documents, and mobile devices secure. But in order to work, the security app that authenticates that your face is actually your face needs to be powerful - and not easily duped.

In an article in Wired Magazine, Lily Hay Newman describes how hackers use advanced 3D modeling of publicly available photos from Facebook to defeat facial recognition software and gain clandestine access to users accounts and information. Researchers at the University of North Carolina put several facial recognition apps to the test using similar techniques, as Newman writes in her article:

"To test the security systems, the researchers had the subjects program each one to detect their real faces. Then they showed 3-D renders of each subject to the systems to see if they would accept them. In addition to making face models from online photos, the researchers also took indoor head shots of each participant, rendered them for virtual reality, and tested these against the five systems. Using the control photos, the researchers were able to trick all five systems in every case they tested. Using the public web photos, the researchers were able to trick four of the systems with success rates from 55 percent up to 85 percent.”

If facial recognition is a technological Wild West, IsItYou is proud to be a new sheriff in town. Our technology is specifically designed to defeat complex fraud efforts like those described above, and even more advanced attacks. Learn more about our process, and how we are working to make your face the most secure password on earth, at

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