Ending Revenge Porn for Good

There's an ugly thing that goes by many names: slut-shaming, revenge porn, non-consensual sharing, sextortion, sexual cyber bullying to mention just a few.

But whatever you call it, it needs to stop. People should be free to share their photos with someone, sure in the knowledge that they will not be passed along or stolen and distributed. Recent statistics indicate that this might be happening to as many as one-fourth of women under the age of 29.

Here's what we're doing about it. We developed Pix2You so using the latest facial biometric technology so that only the person sharing and the person receiving the pictures can see them. You read that right. Only the sender's and the receiver's face can be used to allow the pictures to be viewed. The files are always encrypted and cannot be shared. If someone actually managed to forward an encrypted file, it would still be locked and without your face, it'd be useless.

Use responsibly. Enjoy yourself.