b-next is a specialist Capital Markets Trading Surveillance and Compliance solution provider. Our vision is to enable you to meet regulatory obligations fully and to optimally manage your trading risk. Our powerful, scalable solutions cover the total spectrum of compliance requirements for capital markets, enabling you to identify suspicious trading while raising overall efficiency and driving competitive advantage.


Cambridge Management Labs

A consulting firm born to bring innovation to companies

The Cambridge Management Consulting Labs is an exclusive firm for strategy and managament consulting providing "End-to-End" approach from strategy to scouting on R&D and International Innovation Centers capable to provide clients with an actionable business insight.



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Patronux provides various IT solutions fit for the needs of customers
on Threat Intelligence, Transaction Intelligence, Cloud Intelligence and Mobile Intelligence and help new solution’s penetration into Korean market.
They aim to be the company that earns the customer’s confidence and satisfaction with providing the latest IT technology to fit the needs to improve growth of our customers.

Their mission is to add value for their customers by helping them to protect their business and enable their success in the market.

United States

Nuance Communications

Simpler authentication.

With much less pain and effort for the customer, they feel more in control. And a happier customer is a more valuable customer.

United States

Transmit Security

We’re a team that likes to solve difficult problems. For the past three years we’ve been carefully designing and building a platform that addresses one of the most challenging problems in security and usability. As criminal threats evolve, online authentication has become reactive and less effective. Many organizations have taken on multiple point solutions to try to stay ahead, deploying new authenticators, risk engines and fraud tools. In the process, the customer experience has suffered. And with an increasingly complex environment, many enterprises struggle with the ability to rapidly innovate to provide customers with an omni-channel experience that enables them to stay ahead of emerging threats. Our R&D is based in Israel, a center of talent for cyber security, application-development, and analytics. Through our many years in the market we’ve been able to gather an A team of super talented software engineers who have been the foundation of the company and the platform.

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