BEWARE uses literally dozens of tests to determine whether a subject is truly a human or not. These tests, or "filters," each work orthogonally to render a score. These scores are then analyzed to come up with a straight-forward answer. 


Having dozens of tests means that there is no single point of failure. No single filter that, if fooled, would render a false-positive determination.


Convenience drives usage. To build a truly secure system it must be usable, and all things being equal, a more convenient security measure will be used more, and with higher policy-compliance than one that is cumbersome.

BEWARE was built with this principle in mind. It examines a user's log-in attempt in the background, with none or almost no participation from the user. It requires no effort to comply, so people naturally use it more, and better.


You may already have an authentication engine for mobile that uses face or eye biometrics. If so, we will be happy to add BEWARE'S unique capabilities to your solution and upgrade its resilience in short order.

If however, you do not already have a biometric solution, we will be happy to include IsItYou's own face recognition for you to use.

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