How to Prevent Bio-Identity Fraud

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a face recognition solution, what can BEWARE add to it?

Simply put: we can layer our impostor detector solution to whatever you've already deployed.

We can easily integrate with all major face recognition vendors to provide you and your users with an authentication solution you can truly trust.

Really, it will work with other biometric engines?

You can deploy IsItYou's BEWARE as an overlay to your current face recognition technology and for every recognized user it will give you an answer to the question:


Are. They. Human?

It sounds great, but what does the technology actually do?

BEWARE integrates into your existing authentication solution and works with it to provide you with the ultimate in secure biometric authentication.

BEWARE goes to work AFTER your biometric system has given the "go ahead." BEWAREgoes to work after your user has been successfully authenticated (it would be silly to scrutinize someone that was not even recognized by the system). Multiple layers and multiple factors are brought into the mix to determine whether the user that was just "recognized" is in fact the right human being.

I've heard about "liveness detection." Is this it?

Yes it is, in more ways than one. In today's jargon, "liveness" detection is really motion detection. Put simply, it looks for things like blinking (movement of the eyelids), smiling, or a shake of the head. It assumes that all fraud attempts will be come in the form of a static photograph.

IsItYou is different. We layer a number of methodologies that provide orthogonal responses to an authentication event. IsItYou uses an intelligent agent that adapts itself to the circumstance and helps the legitimate user reach a successful authentication.